is here!

Many have probably already noticed that the number of channels in the Discord has shrunk massively. We just had too many channels ;-) But no, not only that's the reason.

The discord was also renamed and got a new icon. This is now the Discord and includes the following websites:

These are the main domains, including podcast sites, development environments and hosting platforms as well as social media. But you can see it directly under even if there is interest for you.

Social Media

Since today most of the SocialMedia channels have been merged and renamed. These can be found via the following links

We are looking forward to a Like and Follow ;-)


Each web page from the network has now received a category in which various channels. Some channels are just for pushing messages and others can be written normally. Basically each page has at least one Smalltalk or Community Chat Channel. At it is so that there is also an nsfw channel in which can be written.

The premium channels were limited to one channel to communicate with the team and the crew, or just premiums among themselves.

In addition, each page also has an internal category with ticker and talk channel to exchange. The category information can be viewed from all sides.

Each page also received a shoutbox on the home page / dashboard / forums list. Either to be found in the sidebar right or in the content area. This is linked to the Discord Smalltalk Channel. That means all messages get into discord and vice versa. So we only have one chat from each platform.


To unlock the other areas you need a free user account on each page. Then the Discord connection can be unlocked and the areas of the respective website are unlocked. The procedure is quite simple, either via the respective direct link below or through the instructions.

Control Center (Profile Picture) User Account Administration Discord Sync (at the bottom)


About the same way you can take the rights away again for the respective page and the respective area on the discord. On the other pages you will receive the rights and channels.

Ranks & Abbreviations

The ranks on Discord have been expanded and abbreviated. These look like this

GM | RANK ->

GB | RANK ->

GC | RANK ->

GK | RANK ->

Also in the channel categories you can see the same abbreviations GM = GB = GC = GK =

Registration & TicketSystem

We will activate the registration option here who would like to register here can do this then.

In addition, we will also offer the opportunity and via ticket system to contact for questions or problems. So you do not have to extra on eg. Register GrischaMedia to make a bugtracker entry.

Discord for

It is currently still unclear whether you can connect from GrischaNetwork on the Discord or not. If this happens, we will contact you again with a news.

Best Regards Grischabock